Streamlining Routine Processes in CPA Networks: Alanbase Support Automates Managerial Reconciliation

CPA networks strive to automate work processes to significantly reduce manual labor in handling traffic. For instance, in an ideal world, all conversions should be systematized, and statuses automatically changed based on the desired action. This seemingly challenging task raises questions for many CPA network owners. In the case below, we step through how the Alanbase team managed to find a unique solution.

Click ID + TID: Nuances and Challenges of a Foolproof Combination

As you know, not all advertisers can automatically change conversion statuses and offset postbacks based on these modified statuses. Traditionally, in most CPA networks, all conversion status changes were manually documented for greater accuracy, becoming a real headache. Any modification led to a new conversion, adding unnecessary information, and managers had to spend a lot of effort and time on reconciliation and confirming each desired action. No one liked dealing with monotonous manual work, so an alternative solution had to be devised.

The breakthrough came when the team at Alanbase was approached with a similar request by the folks at the CPA network SERIOUS.PARTNERS. They operate in the verticals of gambling, betting, dating, SP, as well as in the field of mobile subscriptions. We quickly found a solution that appealed to everyone—combining Click ID + TID. What is this?

Click ID: A unique click identifier, automatically assigned at the moment of clicking on a tracking link. It contains all click parameters and the entire user path (user flow), including placement, partner, country, city, and user’s target actions (registration, application, trial, prepayment, full payment, etc.).

TID (Transaction ID): A unique identifier for an event on the product side. Each product event typically has a unique internal identifier that belongs only to it and no one else. For example, in Alanbase, this role is fulfilled by the conversion ID, which will always be unique and not repeated.

How It Works?

The challenge is that not all product owners can generate a unique transaction ID that corresponds to the conversion on the advertiser’s side. In this scenario, the conventional scheme becomes ineffective because we cannot send a postback from the advertiser’s side that will contain Click ID + TID to change the conversion status within the tracking system (e.g., Alanbase). What to do?

The answer was on the surface. We found that we could generate the so-called TID ourselves. It’s enough to take data that will uniquely correspond to a specific conversion created on the advertiser’s side, then send it to Alanbase.

For instance, in Ecommerce, the TID can be the order number. It is always unique, and in Alanbase, we store this unique number. The data will be displayed as follows: CLICK + ORDER NUMBER. This unique combination allows for process automation.

Our team devised an approach: we will link Click ID, as we can retrieve it as a macro from the advertiser. This Click ID will be combined with additional data to distinguish IDs. For example, if it’s iGaming, Click ID is linked with registration and the first deposit: for registration, it will always be “click_id_reg,” and for the deposit, “click_id_dep.”

The new solution proved not only effective but significantly simplified the lives of our partners. This method has become in-demand among many partners, and now any Alanbase client knows how to elegantly solve this problem.

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