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Alanbase is a SaaS platform for creating affiliate programs and tracking affiliate traffic. Let’s take a look at how the new features in Alanbase significantly streamline workflows, giving affiliate program owners new capabilities and flexibility.

1. Registering a partner via an administrator link

One of the latest key features of Alanbase is the simplification of partner registration via an administrator link.

Imagine that an affiliate program owner needs to quickly add a new partner. Previously, the process was a bit longer. The partner had to:

  • Register themselves
  • Send an email to the administrator
  • The administrator had to add them to the desired offers

Admit it, the process does seem a bit cumbersome. Now the partner doesn’t have to wait, they can be added to Alanbase immediately and given access everywhere.

Now, partners can be registered in just a few clicks using unique administrator links. Reduce the time spent on formalities and speed up the process of engaging new participants.

2. Updating custom currency in the external API

The new feature of updating custom currency in the external API opens up wide possibilities for affiliate program owners, especially in the context of cryptocurrency trading. Let’s say an affiliate has a partner from a country where cryptocurrency is accepted as the main exchange environment. Using this feature, they can update the custom currency in the API to match the local currency, which will greatly help with financial operations.

For example, if a partner receives commissions in cryptocurrency, the new feature will allow affiliate program owners to automatically update external cryptocurrency exchange rates, which will ensure accurate display of financial metrics and avoid possible risks in case of market volatility. Thus, Alanbase becomes not only a more flexible tool for adapting to various regional currencies, but also ensures stable and reliable business in the field of affiliate marketing.

3. Country parameter added to postbacks with click_id

We are working not only on convenience, but also on the functionality of the platform. The Alanbase team thought about what could be useful for analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and optimizing traffic for the affiliate program owner. The answer is obvious: partner geography.

Adding the country parameter to postbacks with click_id will allow you to track the origin of traffic more accurately and make informed decisions based on a wide range of data. Agree, showing offers to buy sunscreen to residents of Khanty-Mansiysk, where it is winter for 200 days a year, is not the most effective solution.

It is important to understand that before that, such variables as country and time zone were already in cohort analysis. And now we are continuing to expand the capabilities of the platform.

4. General contact information for the affiliate network

Now, when a new affiliate registers, when their account is under moderation, various contact information for the affiliate network will be displayed on the authorization page, allowing affiliates to contact the affiliate manager. Previously, this information was limited to just an email address and our partners were waiting for the expansion of this feature.

Now they have it. After all, it became possible to add various communication channels, such as Skype and Telegram, indicating the corresponding identifiers (@affmanager, id_skype). This significantly increases the flexibility and convenience of communication, making the whole process more personalized and adaptable to the different preferences of affiliates.

More exciting case studies, explanatory guides, and valuable content await you on the official Alanbase Telegram channel! And if you are looking to expand your business, fill out a request for a demo with our manager to learn more about the Alanbase functionality. After that, you will receive a free 14-day access and evaluate the advantages of the platform for yourself.

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