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Information for consideration: launching an affiliate program can give approximately + 30% to profit even for an average information businessman.

If you have a company, then consider for yourself how profitable it is to get extra money in affiliate marketing if you start your own affiliate network.

The topic of today’s blog article is the launch of an affiliate program. Do you need it and why, where to run, what to do right now and what later to get a huge number of leads and earn a lot of money.

At the start of the partnership launch

Affiliate marketing is hard to imagine without an affiliate program. Even if you are not the owner of the affiliate program, but you are engaged in affiliate marketing, it means that you participate in affiliate programs as a webmaster, or as the owner of an online platform that hosts affiliate programs.

But what to do when there is a desire to launch your affiliate program? Where to start, where to look for acceptable offers, both in terms of money and functionality? Let’s figure it out together.

What do you expect from affiliate marketing? Opportunities to earn more money than you currently earn. This is a dream of both green beginners and seasoned specialists in affiliate programs in USA, Europe, the EU countries, all over the world where affiliate marketing works, leads, conversions, sales and, of course, money are taken into account.

And now attention, a question! Who in affiliate marketing is able to earn more money, a webmaster partner or the owner of his own product and affiliate program? There are, however, online platforms for affiliate networks, but their owners will not earn anything without product owners and without webmasters.

So, the answer seems to be obvious. If you are a product owner, then your chances of making money in affiliate marketing are potentially much greater than those of the most experienced webmaster. Yes, you can attract a hundred or two of the same webmasters to advertise your product so that they provide the required number of leads. You will still pay them only for the target action (read from sales).

Only all these hundreds of webmasters need to be told about your wonderful product, provide them with the necessary tools, advertising banners, affiliate links. It is often beyond the power of many affiliate marketers to do this on their own.

A simple solution is to find a specialized online service for placing affiliate programs.

By the way, right now you are reading the blog of one of these services – the Alanbase online platform – was specially created in order to remove a lot of headaches from affiliate marketing participants.

If you wish, you can easily place your affiliate program on our platform. With your own logo, your own domain, start attracting webmasters to your offer, giving them affiliate links, and as a result, earn more money because webmasters will actively promote your product (provided that you can interest them).

What should be considered when starting an affiliate program?

Needless to say, before launching an affiliate program, you must have a popular and competitive product.

Now you need to create an offer based on this product: describe the terms of placement, acceptable sources of advertising, explain to partners how leads will be counted, how long cookies last, whether there is a hold, how remuneration is calculated and paid, and other nuances. For example, partners should understand why you can get an eternal ban in an affiliate program.

After the rules are created, the offer is written, you can proceed to the next step – finding the right service to launch your affiliate program.

There are many such services. Each of them has pros and cons. In order to describe each in detail, a more voluminous article is needed. Yes, and today’s material is not about that. Spend your own time analyzing the functionality of such a service (one of them is mentioned a little higher), choose the most suitable one for yourself.

When the service for placing the affiliate program is selected, the offer is written and posted, it’s time to notify the target audience about the launch of your affiliate program – potential webmaster partners who will work with your offer (s) and attract leads to you.

You can write about the launch of your affiliate program in your blog (if you have one), inviting webmasters to join the affiliate program.

The second way is paid promotion.

You make a landing page where you describe all the conditions for working with your affiliate program, talk about your benefits, conditions, and so on. In fact, you are making an offer again, only now the product is the affiliate program itself, which you plan to launch.

Then you move according to the standard scheme: choose the most effective advertising sources, buy traffic from them, track conversions (webmaster registrations in the affiliate program), leave the most “fat” sources, turn off the empty ones.

How to work with partners?

If you want to do truly profitable affiliate marketing, you will have to actively work with affiliates. This means constantly communicating with webmasters who are interested in your offer.

To do this, you can and should use such an online tool as a blog. Regularly post news about the affiliate program, about new offers, about important changes in your business. People need to feel involved in what you are doing. Feel like a part of a team, albeit virtual and remote, but a team.

You can also use e-mail or messengers (it takes 5 minutes to make a group in the same Cart, and the benefits of such a group can hardly be overestimated).

You should not be shy to ask partners about what can be improved in the affiliate program, what needs to be tightened up, what they lack and what they would like to receive.

Of course, feedback from webmasters should be valued, not ignored, and, if possible, done in such a way that their expectations are justified.

You can stimulate the activity of partners by various contests with prizes. You know, we’re giving away a new iPhone, laptop or tablet. It is only important to hold competitions openly and honestly, publishing the results on the same blog, so that no one has any doubts about your decency.

Just do not forget to calculate everything in advance, so that even when handing out the most solid and expensive prizes, you can stay in the black.

Brief summary

When you become a product owner but continue to do affiliate marketing, you will need your own affiliate program one way or another.

You can run it on a specialized service, having previously calculated and prepared everything well.

It is imperative to interact with partners if you want to get more activity from them, more leads and more profit.

Good luck!

How can I start my own affiliate network?

Recommendations for launching an affiliate network are given in the article above.

How do affiliate networks pay?

Affiliate networks pay only webmasters, but product owners, on the contrary, pay a percentage of their turnover to the affiliate network.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate network?

There are two options: the online platform that hosts affiliate programs takes a fixed fee for such placement, or the product owner pays her a certain percentage of the sales volume that his partners make.

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