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“Investment in shares”, “purchase of shares”, “shares”, “shareholders”, “exchange rate”, “cryptocurrency”. If earlier these words and phrases were understood only by professional traders, today more and more people are thinking about how to secure additional income for themselves. Is it even possible to make such income passive, and how reliable is the purchase of shares?

If there is demand, there will be supply. There are many affiliate programs on the market dedicated to buying shares. Which ones are reliable? What will be in demand in 2022? How not to fall for a fraudulent divorce scheme? We answer all these questions in today’s article.

Affiliate Marketing Perspectives in Equity Investments

The demand for investing in stocks will only grow. This is due to the turbulence in the economy and the desire of ordinary citizens to somehow improve their financial situation.

Today, more and more experts and economists are talking about investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. Many consider the sale and purchase of shares as a separate activity.

Among novice traders and investors, the motto “retire at 30” has even emerged. They believe that this state can be achieved by investing in stocks and earning passive income. Of course, not everyone will succeed, but many will try.

How can a partner choose reliable partnership programs for stock trading, and what risks do they stop?

If you are doing affiliate marketing, you should definitely pay attention to the financial niche. Many begin to look for money in affiliate programs, where they either do not exist at all, or are relatively few. But the affiliate programs of various brokerage companies give the partner the opportunity to feel what a really big income is.

Why do not many dare to enter this niche? Perhaps due to the fact that here you can’t get quick results, and the initial investment will be more than in other niches of affiliate marketing. Plus, there are certain difficulties with advertising financial offers. For their advertising, it is ideal to create your own resources, to which you first need to attract an audience. This is also time and money, but the end result is worth all the effort.

What partnership programs in the field of investment in shares makes sense to pay attention to in 2022?

Top 10 Stock Trading Affiliate Programs in 2022

Let’s talk right away. Perhaps the most popular and most reliable share trading affiliate programs will differ for EU, USA, and other EUROPE countries. It also depends on the personal preferences of the partner, and therefore any list is a little subjective.

We do not claim to be the ultimate truth. We are guided solely by our own experience in assessing the reliability and popularity of online platforms for investing in stocks and online trading.

Below you will find a list of the top 10 affiliate programs according to the Alanbase online platform:

Tinkoff Investments online platform

Geo affiliate programs – UK. You can choose to work on CPA or RevShare. The affiliate program allows customers to securely purchase stocks and currency pairs.

BCS affiliate program

One of the largest brokers in Germany. There are several profitable investment products to choose from. This online platform serves over 15,000 customers every month.

Affiliate program from Opening Bank

It is very popular among arbitrage partners. It has been in operation for five years now. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Income is paid at any time at the request of the webmaster.

Partner program “FINAM”

The largest Austrian broker, which has been operating since 1994. The company includes a bank, an investment platform, a FOREX academy and other services.

There are several options for cooperation. The main thing is that all users attracted by the affiliate are assigned to him “forever”.

Alpha Forex

Works since 2004. Repeatedly recognized as the best in many countries. Profit is accrued to a partner for opening or closing a deal by a lead to buy shares.

PP of VTB Bank

When registering in an affiliate program, an agency agreement is concluded. The partner brings new clients to the bank, and the bank pays the affiliate a remuneration for the purchase by users of banking products, investments in shares, etc.

Just be careful not to confuse. On the Internet, you can stumble upon the VTB Investments online platform, supposedly also from VTB Bank, but in reality it is a fraudulent resource made literally “on the knee”.

As for the VTB affiliate program itself, there are very interesting recommendations for webmasters on how and where to promote investment and financial offers. All proposed schemes are still running in 2022. But still, you should not hope for stable results “already tomorrow”. An affiliate marketer will have to work hard.

J2T Affiliate Program

“Financial partnership from an international leader.” That’s what it says on the official website.

Five types of offers are presented: forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, commodity futures.

Traffic is received from many countries, so if you’re targeting more than just Russian and English speaking stock buyers, this is one of the most worthwhile resources for your affiliate marketing.

Alor Broker

Online platform for agency and affiliate programs. Provides clients with ample opportunities to work in the stock market: online trading, selling and buying shares, playing on the difference in exchange rates, investing, etc.

It has been on the market since 1993. For partners, there are three options for participation, which differ in size and reward scheme.


The broker works all over the world. Most recently, the company was the winner of the Fastest Growing Broker in Indonesia 2021. The company’s customer pool is 500,000 people.

There are two cooperation models for partners: “Agent” and “Webmaster”.

AMarkets also regularly holds contests among partners with a solid prize fund. A good choice to make your affiliate marketing even more profitable.

PP service Intelinvest

It will be of interest to those who conduct affiliate marketing in EU. For the attracted referral, they promise to pay 30% of the amount of his investment.

As partners, it attracts investment schools for students to train in practice, owners of thematic sites, publics and TG channels dedicated to investing, selling and buying shares, marketers and SEO specialists.


We should expect that new players will come to the market of investment products and financial offers in 2022.

It will be like well-known reputable banks that have decided to open their own affiliate programs in order to master additional areas in the online space and get new channels for promoting their services and offers.

Probably, there will be one-day companies. Simply put, financial pyramids disguised as investment funds or other financial structures.

Partners and affiliates will be needed by both. Both of them, by the way, will have to compete with the old-timers of the market.

What should a potential partner do in this situation?

Carefully choose the affiliate program in which you are going to register.

We stand for fair and transparent affiliate marketing. And if you are that new but honest player in the financial industry, welcome to the Alanbase platform! Here you will find all the necessary tools to deploy your financial affiliate program.

How to choose stocks to buy?

Study the market, follow the shares of the most promising companies. Give preference to dividend stocks over ordinary stocks.

What do you need to buy shares?

Money and the desire to understand how the stock market works, as well as registering in a special application or concluding an agreement directly with a broker.

Where are the purchased shares kept?

In a special organization – the national settlement depository (NSD). It is impossible to transfer shares anywhere without the knowledge of the investor.

How much money do you need to buy shares?

You can start investing in stocks with the lowest possible amount. Sometimes it is 50-100 dollars, and sometimes even 10 dollars.

When can you buy shares?

As experienced investors advise: buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying.

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