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Is business automation possible in affiliate marketing? Can an affiliate marketing participant automate all his routine actions by 100% so that the whole process is reduced to replenishing the advertising budget in a particular advertising service?

Spoiler – no. But partial business automation in affiliate marketing is possible. We’ll talk about this today.

Algorithm of actions of an affiliate marketing participant

For example, let’s take an average affiliate marketing participant or webmaster who drives traffic to one or more affiliate programs. It doesn’t matter what market it operates in: In Germany, USA, the EU countries, the bourgeoisie, the scheme of actions of such an affiliate will be plus or minus the same.

We briefly recall the entire algorithm.

When you are interested in affiliate marketing and are about to start working in it as a webmaster, the first thing to do is to choose an affiliate program (or several) with which you will work.

Then you can either simply buy ads and send traffic directly to the advertiser’s product, or you can work on growing your own audience and building its loyalty (sales will be a little later). In this case, you will need your own blog or website.

You need to interact with the audience somehow: send letters or messages to your subscribers in instant messengers.

You will also need to mask your affiliate links in some way so as not to lose your potential customers and scare users with too long links with a bunch of utm tags. Here too: you also need a service that allows you to simplify the process of putting utm-tags in your affiliate links.

When you start making creatives, you will need a special program for processing and editing images, if your basic skills do not have Photoshop, for example.

Sometimes you will have to create subscription pages or even landing pages on your own, track the statistics of clicks to your resources or to partner resources using your link, analyze traffic, sometimes record a screen or record a full-fledged video or podcast.

Ideally, of course, to get one and only online platform on which all the functions necessary for an affiliate marketing participant will be available. Alas, so far this is still from the realm of fantasy, because those who deal with affiliate programs have to solve too different tasks.

Alas, the software for making money on autopilot, which would allow you to fully automate your business in affiliate marketing, has not yet been invented.

Automation of the affiliate marketing business is achieved through the appearance on the market of various services tailored to solve a specific problem.

For example, on the Alanbase online platform, you can easily launch an affiliate program or even a full-fledged CPA network under your own brand. Now let’s move on to a short overview of services that make the daily work of affiliate marketers easier.

Useful services for affiliate marketing

Trying to automate the business, each participant chooses the necessary services for himself.

For example, in any case, you cannot do without an affiliate account, which will accumulate the main array of information: affiliate links, advertiser’s products, information about clicks, conversions, sales, etc.

You will automatically receive such an account upon registration in the selected CPA network, or on such resources as GetCourse, Lead-Magnet, if you are promoting information business or educational offers.

To send letters by e-mail (no matter what they say, it’s too early to write off e-mail marketing!) You also need an appropriate service. For example, SendPulse or GetResponse (these are just two of the most popular mailing list services). By the way, the same GetCourse platform has its own built-in email service.

There are also special services for mailing to messengers: ManyChat, WhatsHelp, Senler and others.

You can build your own blog or website on the free WordPress CMS. This online tool is also good in that the blogging capabilities can be greatly expanded by using free plugins designed for WP sites. For example, to shorten links to hide the affiliate ID, a plugin like WP Direct Url Links or the Pretty Link Pro plugin will work.

To process images and create their own creatives, most Russian-speaking webmasters use the Canva online service, which requires a minimum qualification from a person, unlike the same Photoshop or other professional graphics program.

To create simple subscription pages, you can use the SolusPage service, which allows you to create pages with videos for free, or search for its analogues.

You will also need a tracker to optimize your traffic, weed out ineffective advertising sources, and identify the core of your target audience.

Sometimes trackers are already built into affiliate platforms, but more often a partner is forced to choose and pay for a tracker himself, without which it is impossible to fully engage in affiliate marketing.

What options for business automation can be obtained on online platforms of CPA networks and affiliate programs

When you own an affiliate program or are just thinking about launching an affiliate program, you also need business automation.

There is only one problem: own developments take too much time and require significant financial investments. In the case of your own developments, business automation can take a long time, and you will lose profit.

It is often easier and cheaper to find a ready-made solution by choosing a platform on which you can quickly launch your affiliate program. Ideally, when launching an affiliate program is possible under your own logo and on your own domains. Alanbase has such functionality, in case you don’t know about it yet.

What kind of affiliate marketing business automation can you get by choosing a ready-made solution when launching an affiliate program?

First of all, you will receive a ready-made platform where you can place your own offers and where you will attract partners.

When launching an affiliate program, you will also need the ability to connect your own landing pages so that webmasters can send traffic through them.

You will need to connect your offers. The easier and faster it is done, the better.

Again, using the Alanbase functionality as an example, what settings are available when creating an offer:

  • Privacy settings (whether the offer is available to everyone or only selected webmasters have access to it).
  • Daily offer limit by qualifications.
  • Hold setting.
  • Description of the offer with text formatting.
  • Description of the offer in different languages.
  • Adding categories and labels for filtering in statistics results.

Powerful statistics tools are perhaps one of the most important criteria for business automation in affiliate marketing.

It’s good when statistics are available either in real time or with minimal delay. The owner of an affiliate program should be able to flexibly filter statistical data: by webmasters, by conversions, by payments, by days, by offers, by any product values.

Business automation also includes billing, when you can independently automate payments to your partners, withdrawal of funds from a hold or, conversely, their retention in a hold until the traffic quality is analyzed.

As a rule, on most online affiliate marketing platforms, such functionality is implemented.

Working on your domains, you can also use your own blog as a tool to attract webmasters and further communicate with them.

You can add a chatbot to your blog or website to automate affiliate requests and set up typical automatic responses in the chatbot, or the ability to transfer partner requests to your support team.

Is possible full business automation in affiliate marketing?

As it was said at the very beginning of the article, 100% business automation in affiliate marketing, alas, is not yet available.

You can add affiliate marketing software to your business, but in order to fully cover all your needs, you will have to collect different tools in different places.

A company or development team that sets the goal of making a service that fully automates the affiliate marketing business will probably get rich by making the most successful startup or the most profitable business.

There is only one question: if the developers are well aware of all the needs of their target audience, why has no one closed them comprehensively so far? Why has no one combined the solution of all the tasks specific to affiliate marketing on one site?

Perhaps a service with full automation of the affiliates’ business will cost developers too much, or there is no technical possibility to provide a comprehensive solution.

We still have a strong feeling that nothing is impossible in this world. And we also think that right now some daring and cool development team is just solving this problem.


Is affiliate marketing profitable in 2022?

Yes. However, it matters how seriously you take affiliate marketing.

How to automate affiliate links?

This can be done using special plugins. For example, for WordPress sites, there is a Pretty Link Pro plugin that you can use to automate affiliate links.

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