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How to choose the best service for CPA is a matter of questions, akin to Hamlet’s “to be or not to be.” The search for answers is relevant both for the owner of the affiliate program and for partners for whom affiliate marketing is the main or very significant source of income. In the article below you will find answers and recommendations on what CPA tracking tools are and what online service can be considered the best.

Who needs affiliate tracking?

Recall that there are three types of participants in the CPA industry – product owners (advertisers), partners (webmasters), CPA networks – affiliate program aggregators.
Each of the participants needs accurate statistics, tracking CPA actions and the ability to build analytics based on the information received.

A webmaster needs to track CPA in order for affiliate sales to be fixed for him for the subsequent payment of remuneration.

The product owner needs statistics and CPA tracking not only for subsequent payments to partners, but in order to evaluate the quality of traffic and the integrity of webmasters who promote his affiliate program.

CPA networks need statistics and analytics because very often the online platform where product owners and their partners meet also acts as an arbiter.

It is the CPA network that, in the event of a conflict between the webmaster and the advertiser, decides who is right and who is wrong.

If it is proved that the webmaster was engaged in fraud, with a high degree of probability such a partner will simply be blocked and deprived of any payments.

If the advertiser is caught in a shave, most likely, cooperation with him will also stop.
Conclusion: CPA tracking is required by all participants in the affiliate business, without exception.

Tools for tracking affiliate programs. What are they like?

It was for the tasks of tracking CPA that special services were invented for this purpose.
USA, Europe, the EU, as well as countries that are commonly called “bourgeoisnet” in terms of arbitration, have their own solutions and CPA tracking tools.

What are these tools?

  • special SEO services that help affiliate marketers quickly select keywords for compiling conversion ads, analyze competitor sites and their own
  • SPY services – allow you to track advertisements and campaigns on almost all platforms so that a partner can quickly find their own profitable bundle, based on someone else’s experience
  • audience parsers for various platforms like VK or FB
  • CPA trackers that allow you to manage links, track the effectiveness of clicks on different ads and in different advertising campaigns
  • services – aggregators of affiliate programs with built-in systems of statistics and analytics, which we talked about above.

Benefits of the Alanbase platform

Let’s take the Alanbase online service as an example and explain what its features will be enjoyed by both the owners of CPA networks and individual products, and webmaster partners.

Alanbase is a saas platform designed specifically for affiliate marketing.

The platform has advanced functionality that competitors do not have today.
With its help, you can easily launch an affiliate program under your own brand, or promote one product by attracting partners for promotion.

Most importantly, each user receives statistics with very flexible settings. You can set up only the data that your product or your CPA network needs, you can flexibly customize your offers, work by events or goals, receive data in any currency with automatic conversion to the selected currency of any monetary event.

Partners have their own extended statistics. They don’t have to worry about the affiliate sale being lost or not being counted.

Another advantage of Alanbase is that with a relatively modest monthly payment, if you wish, you can get your own CPA network, with your own name, logo, without investing huge funds in the development of your CPA service.

How to choose the best CPA service?

There are no universal recipes. Sometimes it is difficult to say whether the service is really the best, because depending on the individual preferences of the webmaster or product owner, the selection criteria will also be different.

For some, it is the correct tracking of CPA that is critical, for others, the amount of remuneration for affiliate sales, the hold period and ways to withdraw the money earned are important.

In addition, the choice is mainly made within the existing aggregators of affiliate programs – CPA networks. The very choice of such a site also depends on the vertical in which the webmaster is used to working.

There are large global networks, such as Admitad, which presents offers of any subject and for every taste.

Recently, networks have appeared whose main focus is infobusiness or online education, for example, Lead-Magnet or Salid. Relevant offers are accumulated there.

What criteria should you pay attention to when choosing a CPA network or affiliate program

In this section, we have collected tips that are more relevant for webmasters, although it will also be useful for product owners to familiarize themselves with this information.

Especially for those who are just entering the CPA market.

Even in 2021, the problem of sheave is still relevant. This is when the product owner cuts traffic to his partners, but not based on any objective information, but guided only by the desire to save money.

We want to warn you: don’t!

The world of CPA is quite small, despite the huge number of platforms, CPA networks, product owners and various offers.

Information about dishonest actions spreads quickly, it is easy to lose a reputation, and it is far from certain that it will be restored.

As for the criteria for partners when choosing CPA networks:

  • Look for networks that consistently bring in new advertisers. More advertisers = more offers = more opportunities for the webmaster to earn in the vertical of his choice;
  • availability of useful tools (the more, the better);
  • system of objective statistics. Ideally, if statistics are updated in real time or with minimal delay;
  • A good CPA network never takes a one-sided position, protecting only the interests of the advertiser. In the event of a conflict situation, the partner can count on a full investigation of all the circumstances, and not a ban on the webmaster’s account without any explanation.

As for the answer to the question: how to choose the best service for CPA, try, compare, test several different sites. Sooner or later you will find one that suits you in all respects. This will be your best CPA service.


How can I track my CPA offers?

This is easy to do if, for example, you are promoting your products and services through Yandex.Direct or YAN. Then, right in the advertising campaign, you can specify the price of an acceptable conversion price. In other cases, you should choose a platform for placing your offer, which has similar functionality.

How can I track my affiliate programs?

It is best to choose an affiliate program service with convenient statistics. For example, on the Alanbase platform, each product owner or network CPA can customize the statistics that best suit their requirements. Accordingly, if you have several affiliate programs, based on statistics from Alanbase, you can track the effectiveness of each of them.

How can I track my affiliate sales?

There are certain tools online for this. For example, if you collect partners on the CPA network site where your affiliate program is located, then each partner, as a rule, has its own unique identifier – ID. When an affiliate sale is made, you receive information about this in postbacks, where you can see which partner made the sale, that is, the partner ID is indicated in the postback link.

What is a CPA tracker?

This is a special link management software. In addition, such software makes it possible to analyze all traffic, all sources and all offers. A CPA tracker is indispensable for a solo affiliate, affiliate teams, as well as SMM and SEO specialists.

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