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Financial affiliate programs are considered to be one of the most profitable in CPA online trading. They are sometimes referred to as “forex CPAs” or simply “forex affiliates”.

Today’s article is a set of minimum recommendations for a webmaster on what form of payment to prefer when working with Forex CPA – whether to work completely on the CPA model or look towards RevShare. Let’s talk about all the pros and cons of this or that approach in CPA online trading.

Buying shares, trading on the stock exchange, investing, earning on the difference in exchange rates – now this niche of CPA online trading is developing by leaps and bounds.

Solid financial structures and well-known banks have already entered it. Along with them, their place in this attractive niche of CPA online trading is still occupied by CPA forex affiliate programs, binary options and even financial pyramids disguised as solid financial structures.

This happens because the number of people who want to earn on the difference in exchange rates, buying shares, gambling, where the dollar will go in 10 minutes – up or down, only increases.

The desire to easily enrich their fellow citizens, no matter where it happens, in USA, Europe or the EU, is used by both forex affiliate programs and webmasters who pour traffic on them.

In CPA forex affiliate programs, there are two payment schemes for partners – CPA and RevShare. First, let’s see how they differ.

CPA and RevShare – what is the difference

CPA is a fixed payment for a targeted user action. For example, for replenishing a deposit with a broker.

RevShare – Forex CPA affiliate program pays the webmaster a percentage of their profits.
Now the most important question is, what kind of remuneration payment option should a webmaster who works in the CPA niche of online trading with forex affiliate programs prefer?

What payment model should a webmaster prefer?

There is no single answer to this question. On the one hand, the CPA model seems to be more fair. The webmaster attracted a client to the affiliate program and received a fixed remuneration. For example, 4-7 dollars for registration or making a deposit. It is easy to calculate, it is easy to predict not only your expenses, but also the possible profit in the CPA niche of online trading.

But paying with the Revshare model also has undeniable advantages. Let’s say a broker is ready to pay a webmaster 40% of all income he receives from one client. And the client is assigned to the webmaster “forever”. For the whole time from the moment of registration in the affiliate program until leaving it.

Simple arithmetic: the client deposited $100. The webmaster has already received $40 instead of $7 if he worked on the CPA model.

Profitable? Undoubtedly!

There is only one nuance. Revshara is always a long game in online CPA trading.
A sane user who decides to increase his income by playing on the Forex market will first study all the mechanisms, tactics and strategies. Evaluate all the possibilities of the online platform on which you have registered. Only then will the deposit be made.

From registering a user with a broker to making a deposit, it can take a month, or even two or three. All this time the webmaster will be in limbo. Plus, the broker will definitely have a hold to check the quality of traffic from his partner.

All this means “frozen” funds, which are often not enough as working capital. These are the features of working on the Revshare model in the financial niche of CPA online trading.

The general recommendation for a webmaster who works with CPA forex affiliate programs is as follows:

  • at the initial stage, it is better to choose the CPA payment model, because it is more predictable, allows you to earn quickly and provides working capital for further scaling of successful advertising campaigns.
  • With the advent of experience, you can switch to the Revshare payment model. By the way, some financial affiliate programs in CPA online trading today offer a combined option – Revshara + CPA, which allows partners to significantly reduce their own risks.

It’s simple: payment according to the CPA model – for a quick start. Revshara – in case of applying a long-term strategy in working with financial offers.

And if right now you want to try your hand and opportunities in the field of CPA online trading, pay attention to the Alanbase online platform. Convenient modern tools will appeal to both webmasters and owners of financial affiliate programs.


What is RevShare and CPA?

RevShare is a payment to a partner of a percentage of the broker’s profit. CPA – pay per action. For example, a fixed amount for a deposit.

What is a CPA commission?

This is a fixed payment to the partner for each user who has registered on the broker’s website and replenished the account. All payment terms are specified in the offer.

How much do forex partners earn?

At the beginning of the journey up to several hundred dollars a month. With gaining experience – from several thousand dollars a month. Top partners earn more at times.

What is the RevShare fee?

Payout model, according to which the partner receives a percentage of all deposits and deposits that the client leaves with the broker.

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