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How do dating site affiliate programs work? Can a webmaster make money doing only the dating vertical? That’s what today’s Alanbase blog post is about. We have tried to fill the material with maximum benefit. Enjoy reading!

Who needs dating site affiliate programs

The realities of today’s life are such that almost no one gets to know each other at parties, on public transport or just on the street.

First, people are too busy getting their daily bread.

Secondly, Internet technologies have become so firmly established in our lives that even meeting a person of the opposite sex is somewhat reminiscent of going to an online store.

First, we select the appropriate characteristics that our potential partner should have, then we start the search, and the next step is to select suitable candidates from the search result.

Will relations develop with those whom we find through the Internet? As practice shows, yes, they often add up, although users of dating sites expect a lot of pitfalls – from their own inexperience to outright scammers that hide on such resources under fake accounts.

A few words about dating sites and their affiliate programs

What are dating sites in general and where to look for them? Dating sites are large online platforms that are constantly in need of new users.

Why? Because dating sites make money on users. First, they provide them with a kind of demo access, and if a person wants to get full functionality from an online dating platform, he must either subscribe to a paid subscription or pay for the functions he needs.

Curious fact. The industry of online dating or online dating back in 2010 outstripped the popularity of the porn business. And already in 2017, the amount of money in online dating exceeded five billion dollars (data from the Partnerkin service).

Unlike the porn business, the online dating business is white and legal. And since there are the same legal affiliate programs of dating sites, webmasters with experience in this vertical can earn about 1500-2000 dollars a month and even 30 000 dollars in six months.

Since there is so much money in this industry, the dating vertical is one of the most profitable in affiliate marketing.

Webmasters in USA, Europe, EU countries, and all over the world are happy to work with this vertical. True, not everyone and not always succeeds in making money, because there are certain features and limitations on how to advertise affiliate programs of dating sites.

For example, advertising sources such as Direct, YAN, AdWords and MyTarget simply prohibit advertising affiliate programs related to online dating.

Although, it would seem, well, what’s wrong with that? If there are lonely people, and they are given a chance to find each other, what is forbidden in this? But the fact remains. Either the administration of these official advertising sources equate dating sites with porn resources, or they are jealous of the amount of money that is spinning in the dating industry. Therefore, webmasters are forced to look for other opportunities for advertising affiliate programs of dating sites.

How and where to advertise dating offers if you participate in such an affiliate program?

Webmasters who successfully work with affiliate programs of dating sites use as traffic sources:

  •          teaser networks;
  •          spam on social networks or instant messengers;
  •          have their own thematic sites or publics in social networks;
  •          order advertising in other thematic publics.

At the same time, of course, no one will ever share the most profitable current link that works here and now, no one will say which traffic source is the most effective. In order to succeed in this vertical, a webmaster needs to go through the stage of testing hypotheses and searching for working links. However, as in any affiliate marketing vertical.

There is another trick to working with affiliate programs of dating sites. It is more profitable for webmasters to cooperate with affiliate programs of dating sites directly, rather than take offers from CPA networks.

In this case, you can significantly expand both the geo and demographics of the target audience. Conventionally, pour not only on men from Latin America, but also on girls from the CIS who dream of marrying a foreigner.

Just to start cooperation with the affiliate program of a dating site, the webmaster will have to prove his qualifications and experience, explain what traffic sources he plans to use, whether he has his own thematic resources.

In addition, some affiliate programs that webmasters start working with directly can provide them with their own multilingual sites. All that remains is to link your domain to such a site in order to successfully conduct affiliate marketing.

Experienced webmasters who have been working with the dating vertical for a long time say that this is one of the most stable types of affiliate business. It has a lot of traffic, a lot of various offers, and the correct schemes found work for a very long time.

Which affiliate programs in the dating vertical are the most profitable?

You can find and test dating site affiliate programs yourself to determine which ones are the most profitable.

Aggregator sites of CPA networks often publish ratings of affiliate programs of the dating vertical. But how objective is this data and will it help you?

Rather, they can only be used as a guide, because in this area of ​​\u200b\u200baffiliate business, too, everything is constantly changing.

Some affiliate programs leave, new ones come in their place, it also happens that once a profitable proven affiliate program of a dating site stops making payments to webmasters, inventing mythical unreasonable fines. However, those who have been in the subject for a long time know for sure which affiliate program of which of the dating sites they are talking about.

How promising are dating site affiliate programs?

According to statistics, there are always 25-30% of people on the planet who are not in a relationship right now, but would not mind finding a partner.

This means that a webmaster who cooperates with an online dating service will always have traffic. Dating is an evergreen niche in which there has always been, is and will be money.

At the same time, the percentage of single people in developed countries is higher. Only here the situation is slightly different. Such people are called “singlots”. They abandoned permanent long-term relationships, opting for a career. At the same time, singlets still need at least one-time meetings with people of the opposite sex (or their own, depending on preferences), and therefore they often use the services of the corresponding online platforms to satisfy their physiological needs.

If you have just entered the affiliate business or want to expand your affiliate marketing by mastering a new vertical, we advise you to pay attention to affiliate programs of dating sites, as your potential audience is measured in millions of people. You just need to find the right online tools to convert your traffic into money.


Dating site affiliate programs are a very profitable niche for affiliate business participants. The dating niche will always have both targeted traffic and advertisers who are constantly looking for new users for online dating services.

And what kind of affiliate program of a dating site to choose is up to you. We advise you to first find and study the relevant ratings, and only then make a decision on cooperation with a particular affiliate program.

Good luck and good profit!


What is a dating site affiliate?

This is an affiliate program that pays remuneration to webmasters for attracting new users to a dating site.

Does Tinder have an affiliate program?

Offers from Tinder flicker from time to time in various CPA networks, but they open and close. Traffic is mainly taken from the bourgeoisie.

What is the best affiliate program for dating sites?

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. Study ratings and TOPs, which are published with enviable regularity. The best affiliate program for dating sites is the one in which you get the biggest profit.

Are dating sites profitable?

Yes, they are profitable.

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