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In the article you will find answers to the questions of who in affiliate networks is usually called leads, how to manage them, and why any affiliate network needs lead management like air.

Who are leads and what is lead management

Who is the lead for the affiliate network? Product owner or advertiser. We will agree on the shore to call these affiliate marketing participants that way. Otherwise, talking about how lead management can increase the income of affiliate networks will simply not work.

Affiliate marketing in USA, Europe, the EU and even far-abroad countries needs new clients. Where to take them?

The affiliate network advertises itself in all available ways. People who showed interest in the affiliate network’s advertising offer and entered the online platform, and there are leads.

Lead management is working with these people. The literal translation is lead management.

How can they be managed and how can an affiliate network increase its income through such management?

Let’s remind you just in case. Leads are usually divided into several categories, classified.

Lead classification

As a general rule, all incoming affiliate marketing traffic (leads) can be divided into three broad categories:

  • cold leads are people who entered the online affiliate platform after they saw an advertising offer. They came and left. Not registered, but still visited the site. They are interested in affiliate marketing as such, but they have not yet decided in what capacity they see themselves here.
  • warm leads are those who have registered. They may have taken advantage of the free grace period if the SaaS platform allows them to do so. So far, these warm leads are testing the capabilities of the system, but now it is not very clear whether they will become customers or go to compare the same Alanbase with competing platforms, and the choice will be made later.
  • hot leads – they have registered, they actively write to the support service, they ask where to pay and ask for an invoice to pay for the platform services.

Where affiliate programs lose income

In most cases, affiliate network managers work with this particular segment. Everything is very logical: since people are ready to pay, you need to provide them with such an opportunity.

Just don’t forget about the previous two segments: warm and cold leads.

With warm leads, everything is easier. Potentially, they can turn hot. If the platform managers do not forget about their existence and regularly communicate with these people.

This can be done through instant messengers, by e-mail or in chat, if it is installed on the site.

What do these people need?

  • give them some time to get used to the interface of the platform
  • provide detailed instructions, as they do in Alanbase. For example, describe (or explain) how the basic platform settings are made, how to integrate the platform with the product, how to set up redirects and postbacks, etc. And, of course, answer the questions that warm customers ask. The more detailed and prompt the responses, the more likely it is that these people will move into the category of “hot leads”. They will become regular customers, and the affiliate program will receive income without additional advertising costs.

Working with cold leads

Does it make sense to remember cold leads? People were already on your site, but for some reason they left. Maybe they didn’t like it, or maybe they got distracted by something. Cold leads can be caught up with retargeting when setting up the next advertising campaign. Here it is already necessary to consider how profitable / unprofitable it is and analyze whether cold leads come back and turn at least into warm ones.


What is the source of income from the affiliate income model?

Remember that in affiliate marketing there are always three parties – the webmaster, the advertiser and the online platform. The webmaster’s source of income is affiliate sales. The source of the advertiser’s income is his own sales of goods or services. The source of income for the online platform is advertisers’ fees for using the platform.

How much income do you earn from affiliate marketing?

If the question is addressed to the Alanbase platform, it is unlikely that we will tell you the exact figure of our income, since this is a trade secret.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable in 2022?

Affiliate marketing is an evergreen topic. In 2022, it will also be relevant. Especially because during the period of pandemic restrictions, many people are looking for new sources of income. This means that someone will try their luck by placing bets in an online casino, and someone will try to arbitrage traffic. Consequently, there will be new clients and new webmasters in affiliate marketing.

Which affiliate program is the highest paying?

You are unlikely to get a definite answer to this question. Rather, we can talk not about some specific affiliate programs (different sources have different statistics of top affiliate programs with high payouts), but about verticals. Traditionally, the highest paid verticals are: dating, financial affiliate programs, gambling and betting.

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