How did we ever live without this? Private Statistics in Alanbase

We’ve recently introduced a new and unique feature in the market — private statistics. Now, you can create multiple statistical schemes within a single instance and grant distributed access to admins and partners. This achieves a synergy of flexibility and control without compromising the main page.

This feature is beneficial for:

For holdings and projects. Companies with multiple projects can analyze statistics for each of them separately. For example, if you have 5 casinos, each will have separate statistics.

For partners and brands. Private statistics give you control over access, allowing you to distribute access to admins and partners. This becomes an invaluable tool for partners and brands, enabling them to assess results for different brands and create individual statistical scenarios.

For combining offers and programs. Now, you can store data on in-house offers and partner programs in one place, conveniently analyzing the effectiveness of each. You can grant partners basic or trust access, opening selected statistics for them.

Try out this new feature, and we’ll demonstrate how Alanbase will work specifically for your team!