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Alanbase is a SaaS platform designed for creating affiliate programs and tracking affiliate traffic. Recently, developers added a feature that affiliate marketing owners had been eagerly anticipating. Imagine you have a major gambling partner with a unique audience. For your collaboration, you want to offer an exclusive offer. In such a scenario, the new feature, Private Landing, comes to your aid. This allows you to provide your partner with a personal link and assess the benefits of this collaboration.

A Private Landing can include exclusive promotions accessible only through its unique link. Affiliates receive unique offers, while you maintain control over the content provided. This feature is particularly valuable when you need to maintain individual relationships with key affiliates, providing them with tools for effectively promoting your products or services.

But let’s explore other scenarios for using this feature.

  1. Individual Landing Pages:
    Envision a large SEO team requiring a unique landing. In Alanbase, you can create a Private Landing, offering them an exclusive page accessible only to this team. This feature enables affiliate program owners to create individual landing pages for each affiliate. You can tailor content and design to meet the specific needs of each partner, making your offers more appealing to diverse audiences.
  2. Traffic Management:
    Partners operating in specific geographic regions are provided with a unique Private Landing, while affiliates working in other regions get corresponding pages. This maximizes the relevance of your content. Private Landings also offer a convenient way to manage traffic. You can choose who has access to specific landings, making traffic management a more flexible and efficient process.
  3. Convenient Statistics:
    The introduction of a new “Landing” field in conversion statistics in the external API provides clients with another powerful tool for analyzing the effectiveness of their landings. Now, they can more detailedly track which conversions occur on specific landings.

With this update, program owners can conduct in-depth analyses of conversions associated with specific landings and make informed decisions based on this data.

Private Landings in Alanbase are a tool that elevates your affiliate marketing to a new level. This feature not only ensures confidentiality and personalization but also makes your offers more attractive to partners. By utilizing this tool, you can build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with your affiliates, ensuring stable and successful growth of your affiliate program.

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