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We recently made some updates to Alanbase, adding many new features. We have new mechanics, improved security, and made the software even more user-friendly. Almost all our team members have come from the iGaming industry, so we know how to work in this vertical and strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Some of our clients include well-known companies such as BetBoom, Glory Partners and 4 rabbet.

We have divided the features into three main categories: “new mechanics”, “safety” and “convenience”. In this article, we will provide an overview of each of these categories.

New mechanics  

The method for obtaining a list of promo codes from the administrator.  

Now you can create an affiliate program for players. The player receives a referral link in his personal account. The API request goes to Alanbase and a new partner is created and linked with a specific offer. After that, they visit Alanbase through their referral link and their balance is also credited.  

This feature is intended for those who wish to create an affiliate program not only with affiliates but also with players.

The source of the partner’s registration in the affiliate program

This feature allows you to see where the registration took place in the affiliate program. You can add a mark and you will be able to see exactly where your partners are coming from in your Alanbase account.

Adding QR codes

Now, you can not only share a link, but you can also get a QR code right in your Alanbase cabinet. This feature is popular in some countries, where you simply press a button, generate a code, use it for offline marketing, for example, and attract leads.

Setting up integration with Google Tag Manager

Affiliate programs sometimes need to track the effectiveness of some advertising campaigns or set up retargeting databases. Now, partner registration events and partner login events in the personal account are displayed in Google Tag Manager.

+We’ve added Spanish language to Alanbase

Features for your safety

Google Authenticator

For even more security, your partner can now choose Google authentication as their two-factor authentication method instead of email.

Implementation of HMAC: A Double Protection for Your Data

HMAC provides an additional layer of security for your data by using a secret key and hashing functions to verify the integrity of information during transmission. This ensures that the information has not been altered in transit and that the message originated from the intended sender.

Features for your convenience

The ability to work with a wide range of partners

You can change partner settings not only one by one, but also in small groups or all at once. For example, you can link partners with a specific manager or add tags for easy identification.

Cohort analysis for partners.

Cohort analysis allows you to see the behavior of your traffic and individual users over a specific period (up to 180 days). With this tool, you can analyze all deposits and understand exactly what works, down to the specific ad. Our clients have appreciated the power of cohort analysis and can’t imagine statistics without it. They tell us that it’s a valuable tool that helps them make informed decisions. Why? – Learn about it here.

 Now, each of your partners has access to cohort analysis in their personal account.

Creating a hint field when adding a custom column.

This feature displays the formulas when the cursor is hovered over a particular column. The indicators that you see in the column are calculated based on the formula. This is true for both the admin and the partner.

Getting the tracking link to the offer for a partner from the administrator’s cabinet.

Now, the partner manager can get the tracking link for a partner in the admin panel. You no longer need to access his interface.

Export statistics in Excel format.

Now, statistics can be exported not only as CSV files, but also as XLSX files.

Creating a goal using presets.

When creating a new goal, you have the option to select a preset. This is how it looks in your Alanbase account:

Adding internal notes for the offer and the product.

Renamed the traffic source “Clicks” on “Referral links”

All available offers for the partner are in the main menu. The partner can view all offers and separately those that he has access to.

Sorting by ID:

– List of events in the product

– List of goals in the product

– List of offers

Cross-link to the main statistics from the offers: for the convenience of the partner manager. 

Deleting accounts.

Filter the list of product offers by status: you will only see active offers now.

Select fields in main statistics, cohort analysis, and customer statistics: now you can choose the fields you want to include in your statistics.

What else does Alanbase have to offer?

Alanbase is a versatile platform that can be customized to meet the needs of any industry. We have presets for gambling, e-commerce, and media buying agencies.

1. 24/7 Support – We’re available to help you day and night, so you can rest assured that we’ll be there when you need us. We can quickly implement any custom features or design changes you request.

2. Real-Time Statistics – Our statistics are always up-to-date, so you’ll always have the most accurate information.

3. Affordable Pricing – Rates start from $325 per month, making Alanbase the most affordable platform for creating affiliate programs and affiliate traffic tracking solutions.

If you’re interested in scaling your business, please fill out a demo request with our team to learn more about Alanbase’s capabilities. After that, we’ll provide you with free access to the platform for 14 days so you can test it out for yourself.

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