Must-Have for Any Arbitration Team

Alanbase stands out as the perfect solution for both direct advertisers and CPA networks. We’ve extensively discussed these capabilities, and the benefits are clear.

Today, we want to highlight that we are also the ideal partner for media buying teams. Why do they choose us?

Media buying teams typically work with various advertisers and use separate tracking solutions. In most cases, these are traditional tracking systems. Let’s delve into their shortcomings and how Alanbase becomes not just an alternative but a significantly more powerful solution.

Statistics for Each Buyer:

Traditional Tracker:

  • Usually, each buyer will have the same link, making analytics challenging.
  • Statistics get mixed, requiring the buyer to contact the administrator to request specific data. 
  • The administrator needs to navigate the system, apply filters, etc.
  • The tracker’s tracked data may not be as comprehensive as the advertiser’s.


  • Each buyer has a personal dashboard, freely accessing their statistics. 
  • No user limits!
  • Buyers instantly view their statistics within Alanbase. 
  • Administrators can swiftly access the relevant buyer’s stats.
  • Any indicators for direct advertisers can be displayed.
  • Real-time statistics.

User organization and personal dashboard:

Another drawback of traditional trackers is the lack of multi-level user organization and personal dashboards. In Alanbase, we offer a unique feature that establishes a connection between buyers and leads. This allows leads to view the statistics of all their buyers.

For instance, a team of 100 people with sub-teams of 10—team leads won’t have access to the other 90 buyers’ stats, but head leads can view stats for all buyers. Our developed dashboard and organization facilitate efficient teamwork, a feature traditional trackers don’t provide.

Another small drawback of traditional trackers is the constant need for buyers to contact someone for traffic links. In Alanbase, buyers simply enter their dashboard, grab the link, and start driving traffic.

The system automatically distributes conversions and revenue to each individual buyer based on the advertiser, offer, and other metrics. You can evaluate traffic efficiency both per buyer and for the entire team.


Alanbase handles payout calculations—each buyer, upon entering their dashboard, can view all available offers, conditions, and the collaboration details. They can see, for example, that they will receive $5 for every lead brought in for a specific offer (e.g., first deposit).

Buyers have a clear understanding of the amount they can expect. If a buyer brings in 1000 deposits in a month, their reward will be $5000, possibly with additional bonuses. Alanbase invoices, calculated at the month-end, include these bonuses for media buyers.

Monitoring Each Buyer’s Work—Termination Scenario:

In the event of ending collaboration with a partner, Alanbase solves the problem by locking the partner’s dashboard. This means they no longer have access to the platform.

Real-Time Statistics for Direct Advertisers:

In-depth statistics are a strong suit. Unlike traditional trackers that offer limited stats, Alanbase provides all data, segmented by specific advertiser goals. Our platform mirrors and displays the direct advertiser’s stats. No tracker offers this capability. We have a comprehensive table with a convenient set of filters, allowing each buyer to see all their traffic indicators in our statistics. Overview of Gambling Metrics and Cohort Analysis in Alanbase

Using the example of gambling, these metrics include:


First deposits

Repeat deposits


Bet amounts

And many other details provided by the advertiser.

All of this can be transmitted and configured in Alanbase.

Bonus – How Cohort Analysis Benefits Media Buying Teams?

Cohort analysis enables the assessment of the activity of acquired traffic, as the advertiser transmits comprehensive traffic information obtained by media buyers. The team lead can evaluate traffic quality through cohort analysis, selecting a specific buyer, offer, or advertiser to observe where the traffic is directed (assuming all data is transmitted). The team lead can also monitor how the activity of this traffic changes for each partner. Depending on this, negotiations with direct advertisers can be conducted to achieve more favorable collaboration terms.

We introduced cohort analysis to Alanbase this year, and both teams and advertisers actively utilize this unique functionality, rarely found in affiliate programs, not to mention tracking solutions.

Case study: ADW Expert & Alanbase

ADW Expert, part of a large holding with its own products and buying teams, has been rapidly growing in the search traffic direction. The team, just over a year old with over 30 members, faced challenges with their previous tracker, Keitaro, prompting them to transition to Alanbase.

According to the team, Alanbase provided a ready solution for connecting numerous offers and affiliate networks, conveniently distinguishing offers among buyers, and facilitating different conversion status tracking. The transition resolved issues related to financial calculations, discrepancy reconciliations, unclear statistics, and functional limitations. The team found working with partners easier, gained a convenient conversion tracking system, and enjoyed stable operations with no lost deposits.

The Alanbase team supported them at every stage, providing clear documentation and support tips. Alanbase has become an integral part of their growth plan and future upgrade opportunities.

In conclusion: 

For teams with at least 10+ members, Alanbase is financially beneficial. Even solo arbitrageurs working with multiple advertisers find Alanbase to be an excellent tool, offering order, transparency, and scalability potential.

The key here is scalability; Alanbase not only fulfills tracking needs but provides more: statistical data, time savings, and operational speed. Your task is to invest all of this in growth and multiply your income. Our support is always available to assist with setup and provide guidance on the most effective use of our platform.

Our top product streamlines onboarding and tailors the platform to your needs. We will also swiftly transfer all necessary information to the system.

For those coming from this article, we offer not only a free demo and trial period but also a 50% discount for the first month. To avail of this offer, reach out to our expert and mention the code Buyer50, or come directly to the demo, and we’ll demonstrate how Alanbase will work specifically for your team!