Transitioning to a New Platform: The BetBoom and Alanbase Case Study

In the iGaming niche, migrating to new software often seems complex, daunting, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. The team’s mindset is already adapted to familiar tools, and any significant change in the workflow is perceived as stress and an extra burden, even if it promises future benefits. In this case study, we aim to debunk these beliefs and shed light on how BetBoom moved to the Alanbase platform, the implications, and the motivations for migrating from one software to another. We’ll also engage with the BetBoom team to reconstruct the backstory.

Hello, could you share how you came to the decision to change the software and why? What was dissatisfying before?

Our partner and provider of the affiliate program engine decided to shut down this direction, prompting us to quickly seek a new contractor. The shortlist was extensive, and we made a careful selection. Alanbase was chosen as the most business-oriented contractor: we received a demo mode, test integration, and signed a contract in the shortest possible time. Every step was handled promptly and professionally.

It was essential for us that the tool be flexible, adapting to our needs. In many analogs, clients must learn to work according to the platform’s rules, limiting possibilities. We came with specific requests, and for each, we received results. Arthur, Head of Product at Alanbase, will provide comments on how the work progressed:

Preserve the current product link structure to avoid modifications:

BetBoom asked us to maintain the structure of product links to avoid any backend modifications on their end. We studied the requirements and preserved the link structure. Additionally, we provided recommendations on distinguishing clicks coming from main offer links or landing pages. 

Arthur, BetBoom

Import data from the old platform (partner database):

We imported the required information from the old platform in the shortest possible time while preserving all necessary values. It was crucial to maintain partner IDs from the old database to uphold the familiar traffic separation for webmasters.

Arthur, BetBoom

Work on the integration of both brands:

We conducted consultations for the technical departments of both brands, developed a product integration model, suggested the best platform usage option considering their requirements and capabilities. BetBoom needed to understand how to better transmit data for more transparent statistics. We spoke with analysts, identified the necessary data BetBoom would send to us to track missing indicators in the future.

Arthur, BetBoom

Organize collaboration from a legal perspective:

Alanbase not only adapted from a technical standpoint but also found the right legal arrangement, considering our presence in multiple jurisdictions.

Quality support and training throughout the entire process:

As the platform was new, it was crucial to train their employees quickly and explain how to use our platform. We conducted onboarding, showed how to use the platform, helped with the initial setup, provided recommendations on solving specific tasks, and offered constant consultations on platform usage, ensuring prompt feedback on inquiries.

Provide dev environments for test integration and assist with debugging:

We created a test environment, provided access, assisted with debugging throughout the integration. After debugging and testing, we transferred all settings from the development environment to production. We were always in touch and adjusted their data models during debugging.

How long did the “move” take? What were the integration timelines?

It might be more informative to provide specific dates—from the start of work to the completion of the full move to the platform. This way, you can observe each stage of cooperation with Alanbase.

February 2: Initial questions, request for contract template.

February 8: Creation of technical integration chats.

February 9: Consultation with the technical department, setup of dev environment for COM product integration, issuance of developer access.

February 4: First test events on dev environment, start of integration debugging.

February 28: Readiness for the first launch, anticipation of a smooth migration from the previous provider, further integration debugging.

March 1: Consultation and setup of dev environment for ЦУПИС product integration, issuance of developer access.

March 22: Trial period launch.

April 5: Contract signing date.

April 18: Import of the client’s base upon request.

April 24: Full migration of all traffic to Alanbase.

The full transition to the platform took approximately two to three months, proving to be smooth and progressive, and we are satisfied with the outcome.

What has changed since the start of using the new software?

The main positive and crucial changes revolved around the speed of postback delivery and comprehensive statistics on products, offers, players, and conversions with customizable settings. Cohort analysis is now available. We regularly use the dashboard functionality—a powerful feature for hourly traffic monitoring and product status assessment. Seamless Integration and Enhanced Analytics with Alanbase: A BetBoom Case Study

The system operates in real-time, allowing partners to track metrics instantly without delays and send postbacks for all required events.

During our collaboration with Alanbase, an advanced statistics system was developed, providing a comprehensive overview of both the brand’s economic indicators according to their formulas and fundamental metrics. This includes clicks, registrations, FTD (First Time Deposits), RDP (Re-deposits), their quantity, amount, withdrawals, bets, winnings, NGR (Net Gaming Revenue), payouts in hold and approval. Cohort analysis has been customized to assess traffic activity, profitability, and player payouts by cohorts.

Practical Improvements: Can you provide a couple of examples of what specifically improved in the workflow?

Real-time Postbacks and Customizable Statistics:

Postbacks are now sent in real-time, and users have the ability to configure statistics with any dataset, conversions, or indicators. Reconciliation has become simpler due to the clear and user-friendly financial module. After nesting enhancements, it will be even more convenient, saving considerable time when reconciling with CPA networks. The tag solution at the offer and affiliate levels is highly convenient, allowing faster identification and segmentation of necessary information. Custom dashboards enable a quick assessment of volumes and conversions.

Overall Evaluation of Working with Alanbase:

We will definitely recommend Alanbase to colleagues and partners. The nearly 24/7 technical support is not just about responses or feedback forms; it involves immediate involvement in issues or tasks, phone calls, issue resolution, or inclusion in sprints with clear timelines. In conclusion, we are pleased to have found such an excellent contractor. The team actively seeks feedback on their work, listens to our opinions and expertise, and actively incorporates improvements.

Thank You for the Feedback, BetBoom Team! Agreeably, many of us may have felt some anxiety at the thought of transitioning to new software. Changing software tools can evoke fear of the unknown and concerns that it will be difficult and time-consuming.

However, in reality, migrating to new software can be a straightforward and even enjoyable process. The goal of modern software is to automate tasks and focus your attention on important strategic decisions that will elevate your product to new heights. Migrating to new software is an opportunity for growth and improvements. There’s no need to fear change; more often than not, it brings new opportunities and perspectives. Good luck!

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