Transitioning to Gambling: Finding a Reliable Tracker Quickly

Entering a new vertical can be a significant source of stress. To minimize budget risks, it’s recommended to start with a high-quality tracker, such as Alanbase. In our interview with Kirill, the owner of Iceleads (a team of buyers), we explore the benefits of this solution and why Keitaro and Binomo may not be suitable for everyone.

Alanbase (AB): Hello, Kirill! Please tell us about your team, what you do, the verticals and GEOs you operate in, and who your clients are.

Iceleads: We focus on lead generation, specifically in the verticals of gambling and betting. While we don’t have strict GEO limitations, our primary focus is on the CIS and Latin America. As for partners, we collaborate with 1xbet.

AB: From your experience, why is it essential to have quality trackers? Is it crucial, or can one work with something hastily put together? What’s your opinion?

Iceleads: I believe the more detailed and high-quality the traffic analytics, the better with more growth opportunities. Although we had experience with services like Keitaro or Binomo, we opted for Alanbase, mainly due to the feature of flow division.

AB: What prompted the need to look for new software?

Iceleads: There wasn’t an immediate need. We previously focused more on affiliate programs in our past project. Historically, I am more accustomed to working with an affiliate tracker rather than Keitaro or Binomo. When we ventured into the new vertical (gambling), we had questions about choosing software. With Alanbase, being personally acquainted with the owner, we decided to try this new service and have not regretted it.

AB: So, you didn’t exactly migrate; you set up everything from scratch. Could you provide some feedback on the support? How comfortable was it?

Iceleads: Everything was comfortable. We had integration and interaction experience with such products. Regarding support, everything was good, responsive, and at times when we needed something or found bugs, the team quickly addressed them. When we used Affise, these processes took much longer. In general, I’m satisfied with the collaboration with Alanbase.

AB: How long did it take for you to transition to the new service?

Iceleads: Probably within a month. We managed to set up everything in a month.

AB: Which features of Alanbase have proven most useful, and which do you use most often?

Iceleads: I can say that I’m not an advanced Alanbase user, but personally, I use statistics the most to monitor volumes. We also actively use the partner block, connecting new partners and providing distributed access to offers and statistics.

AB: One last question. What overall feedback would you give about the team and support, and what pleased you?

Iceleads: I would note that in moments when we lacked functionality or found bugs, the team quickly took action. When we used Affise, these processes took much longer. In general, I’m pleased with the collaboration with Alanbase.

AB: Kirill, thank you for your answers!

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