Why Choose Alanbase? Customer Reviews

Alanbase is a Saas platform for creating partner programs and tracking affiliate marketing. Since 2020, we have been launching partnerships for various products and CPA networks. Over this time, we’ve accumulated numerous cases and clients from different niches, and today, we want to share their experiences working with us.

For instance, Profit House spent over 9 months building their partner program and then migrated to Alanbase in just 3 months, including all customizations, and are highly satisfied.

Similarly, ClickEngine searched for a ready-made solution for partner programs, realizing within a couple of days that market giants were outdated compared to Alanbase.

iPartners chose to launch their partner program with minimal hassle, setting up their product on Alanbase within a week.

Maxim Kupriyanov — Owner of ProfitHouse.pro

Profit House’s partner program has been active since October 2021, focusing on betting and gambling niches globally, depending on seasonality.

  • How did you arrive at a ready-made solution?

Initially, all webmasters had access to the partner program engine, which was a concern as any partner could accidentally make critical changes affecting others. Thus, we decided we needed a completely custom engine and soon started on it, which was quite challenging. There was a lot to add, such as the billing system. We also felt the need for a database; we tried to create it ourselves, but it didn’t work out well.

  • How was the migration process?

The migration to the custom program took a long time. The preparation alone for transferring all data took about six months. On Alanbase, considering all customizations, we moved in three months.

  • Were any individual solutions created for you?

Yes, among the individual solutions, we can highlight:

  • Automation of transferring correct deposit statuses that API does not pull; 
  • Introduction of the TID parameter;
  • A/B testing with individual webmasters;

A custom solution for transferring ad data that works in regular Excel (which we separately discussed here).

  • Why did you choose Alanbase?

In our case, the main reasons for transitioning to Alanbase were the ready-made database we needed and a fully functional personal cabinet with an internal tracker.

Dmitry Kiselev — ClickEngine

ClickEngine has been using Alanbase for a year, with verticals in gambling and betting across international countries (tier 1, 2, 3).

  • How did you arrive at a ready-made solution?

We looked at the Keitaro tracker but wanted our own partner program. Accordingly, we were selecting both a partner program and a tracker. In-house development was expensive and lengthy, and our mistake was the wrong product approach.

We didn’t search for a ready-made solution for long. We tested three or four options for a couple of days and ultimately chose Alanbase.

  • Why did you choose Alanbase?

The choice in favor of Alanbase was made because we appreciated the fresh engine with a good interface. Special statistical features, such as cohort analysis, were pleasing.

  • How was the migration process?

The move from our own engine to Alanbase went smoothly, in a single day. This was because our initial team of 10-15 people remained with us.

  • How would you rate our support?

Alanbase support helped at every stage. Any questions are quickly resolved, and unclear points are explained.

Dmitry Vovk — Owner of iPartners

They have been working with Alanbase for about 2 months, with verticals in gambling, betting, and crypto in tier 3 countries: Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and some African countries. Tier 1 and 2 countries are in the process of being added.

  • How did you arrive at a ready-made solution?

Before Alanbase, they were engaged in arbitration, and then the idea of launching a partner program appeared. They started searching for software and settled on Alanbase.

  • Why did you choose Alanbase?

They were attracted by the easy and fast integration, pleasant and modern software. The convenience of statistics was a deciding factor — flexibility and the ability to add various parameters for webmasters. They also actively use postbacks and partner registrations.

  • How was the migration process?

Alanbase was the first platform they started working with, so they managed to avoid migration.

  • How would you rate our support?

The support during the launch was very pleasing; the team responds quickly and explains details. Support is free and operates 24/7. This was another important factor in making the decision. Special thanks to Alexey from support, who helped us with a night force majeure!

  • Have you achieved results? Perhaps you have some wishes?

Positive results are already there. As for wishes, they want dark mode and the ability to change button designs. Otherwise, customizing the interface for Alanbase is a standard and easy task. A unified ecosystem of partner programs, many clients switched to Alanbase after practicing custom engines, while for others, the service became their first experience in creating partner programs. Thus, regardless of experience, we offer tools for creating the best ready-made solutions! And if some aspects are unfamiliar to you, we will always provide guidance throughout the entire process of creating a partner program.

In the Alanbase Telegram channel, we regularly publish cases, guides, and other useful content on partner programs. Leave a request for a demo to try out the service’s functionality with a free trial period for 14 days!