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When you start working with affiliate programs and learn how to drive traffic to advertiser’s offers, you realize very quickly that you need an affiliate marketing audience. Then the search for an answer to the age-old question begins: what to do so that you have a loyal audience of affiliate marketing. This article is a quick guide to the sequence of steps you need to take to find an affiliate marketing audience.

Where and How to Find Affiliate Marketing Audiences?

USA, Uk, EU countries and far abroad – wherever you conduct your affiliate marketing, if you cannot reach people interested in purchasing a product or service, all other efforts will be in vain. The first and most important step is finding an affiliate marketing audience.

Let’s make a reservation right away.

  • The target audience for affiliate marketing will vary depending on what capacity you are in the affiliate marketing field.
  • If you are an advertiser, your target audience is webmasters, potential partners who will take part in your affiliate program and will promote your products or services.
  • If you are a webmaster, then your target audience is the end users who are interested in the offer, in the promotion of which you invest time, effort and money.
  • If you are an online platform for placing affiliates, then your target audience for affiliate marketing is the product owners (advertisers).

Audience acquisition strategies based on your affiliate marketing status

Online platform hosting affiliate programs.

Objective: to inform potential clients about your existence. To convey to them the competitive advantages, to explain all the benefits of cooperation with the site.
Means: direct advertising, email and content marketing, customer communication, account managers and support representatives.

Forming the core of the affiliate marketing audience among clients and encouraging some of them to become brand ambassadors.

This is the strategy that Alanbase’s SaaS platform is pursuing today, and it is yielding positive results.

The SaaS platform can also use PR for its own promotion. As a rule, this is the publication of cases from advertisers and from webmasters: who and from what source sent traffic, when and how the conversions began, what was the ROI.

You can hold or participate in thematic events, you can cover them in thematic media, unobtrusively mentioning your own brand.

If you are just taking your first steps in the market, you should definitely collect a portfolio of positive reviews from advertisers and webmasters about working with you, talk openly about your daily activities, etc.

All of these actions will also allow you to form your own affiliate marketing audience.

Advertiser (product owner)

The advertiser needs to create their own affiliate marketing audience.
He will need: a high-quality product, a good platform for product placement, a transparent affiliate program, plus convenient tools for partners. And most importantly – the partners themselves, who will undertake all the work to promote the advertiser’s product.

Some partners can independently find the advertiser’s offers in one or another partner network. If the advertiser wants to attract more partners and not let this process take its course, he will have to draw up a portrait of the ideal representative of the affiliate marketing audience and launch an advertisement for his own affiliate program.

To attract partners, the advertiser can also use content marketing and regular mailing lists with news about their products and training materials for partners.


Advertising of each offer requires the emergence of at least a minimal hypothesis about which people in this case will be the target audience of affiliate marketing. Then the hypothesis must go through the testing stage. If there were conversions, then the hypothesis was correct, the testing was successful, and the traffic was tuned to the desired affiliate marketing audience.

The next offer will definitely require repeating the same procedure. At the same time, offers can burn out, bundles cease to bring profit, the audience of affiliate marketing may not be stable from the beginning to the end of the advertising campaign.

A successful partner strategy is the maximum dynamics of actions with the analysis and interpretation of all incoming data, constant correction and optimization of current advertising campaigns, the development and testing of new hypotheses to attract other segments or a completely new audience of affiliate marketing.

Where to look for an affiliate marketing audience

You can search for affiliate marketing audiences on a variety of sites. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to be limited only to online resources.

Account managers of the same CPA networks and affiliate programs can find new advertisers at specialized conferences, at other thematic events that are held offline.
Advertisers can find potential partners both on specialized sites and forums dedicated to affiliate programs or traffic arbitrage, and on resources like hh.ru or other job search aggregators.

Affiliates can use even the most obscure traffic sources for the offers they are promoting.
Wherever you leave messages to your target audience, it is important to remember that the audience is people. Your job is to give these people what they want.


Who is the target audience for affiliate marketing?

There is no general “target audience” in affiliate marketing. For each offer, you need to search for your target audience. If you can find it, you will make a profit. If you miss, you will lose money.

How do affiliate marketers attract customers?

Differently. Using your own effective strategies. At the same time, all approaches to attracting customers can be divided into two large subcategories: through your own personal brand, your resources and the formation of trusting relationships with an audience of potential customers. The second approach is buying traffic and then reselling it to the advertiser.

How do I attract people to my affiliate program?

Advertise your affiliate program, explain to people why it will be beneficial for them to work with you.

How can I find my affiliate niche?

Decide on the area of ​​business that you like or in which you have experience. Find several affiliate programs in this niche. Focus on one or two. Do not be exchanged or sprayed. This will be your affiliate niche.

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