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The topic of today’s article is affiliate marketing software. This is what we will focus on.
Performance marketing in affiliate business – mechanics that allow you to track the effectiveness of all advertising channels, measure the necessary KPIs and adjust them in time.

Simply put, it is a strategy to achieve measurable financial results in a short period of time.

Affiliate owners and webmasters who drive traffic to them cannot do without marketing software to monitor the effectiveness of advertising channels and understand exactly where to invest money in order to get the best result.

What you need to know when choosing marketing software

If right now you are facing the choice of marketing software, here are the features you should pay attention to first of all:

  • effective tools for tracking all the results of launched advertising campaigns and events taking place within the affiliate program.
  • marketing software should have a user-friendly control panel (preferably a custom one) as well as other easy-to-use features.

No complicated learning processes to use marketing software, because no one will waste time mastering an overly complex online platform, as there is a very large selection of affiliate marketing software packages in this competitive market.

  • minimum settings to get started.

For example, the Alanbase SaaS platform allows the product owner to quickly set up their offers, attract webmasters to their affiliate program and launch an effective advertising campaign.

Efficiency of customization is achieved due to the availability of ready-made templates designed for different areas of affiliate marketing: sports betting, online casinos, online stores, product affiliate programs, etc.

Our system automatically builds verticals for different topics of affiliate marketing.
For example, for an online store, the number of completed applications, the amount of confirmed purchases, the number of payments, the number of subscriptions to the newsletter will be displayed.

For the CPA network – the number of clicks, the number of conversions in the “hold” status, the number of conversions in the “accepted” status, the amount of income and the amount of payments to partners.

For an online casino, you can choose a template with parameters specific to this particular vertical, etc.

Our online platform also allows affiliate business representatives to stop developing their own marketing software and use ready-made convenient tools.

We have:

  • automatic detection of lead fulfillment using cohort traffic analysis;
  • detailed statistics with custom settings of the necessary parameters;
  • targeting tools to set the parameters of the target audience and increase sales;
  • the ability to connect a technical support chat to each affiliate program;
  • automated commission payments for CPC, CPA, Revhare models.

In the personal account, the user can add a landing page, promotional materials, and, if desired, create his own CPA network and attract advertisers by placing offers from other services in the catalog.

At the same time, our marketing software allows the owner of a product or affiliate program to operate on their own domain with their own logo, in fact, get a SaaS platform for affiliate marketing “under their own flag” for an adequate and competitive cost.

The user can choose one of two tariff plans.

The starter package is 10,000 conversions per month for $250. Each subsequent conversion after 10,000 is billed separately and costs $0.018.

The Pro plan is $500. The first 30 days are free.

At this tariff, the user gets access to all the tools of our online platform, the tariff includes 50,000 conversions, and each subsequent conversion over the limit will cost $0.009.

Our marketing software is available in USA, Europe, EU countries and in any other country in the world.

Alanbase platform analogs

It would be unfair if we leave our reader no choice, so below you will find descriptions of other marketing software with functionality similar to Alanbase:


The platform is designed to manage CPA networks and affiliate programs. Launched in 2015. Allows you to run projects of any complexity.


  • built-in anti-fraud system with unique operation algorithms;
  • automatic redistribution of conversion limits
  • minimum access time to the tracker from anywhere in the world thanks to the cloud technology of building servers
  • payment for one conversion does not exceed $0.01

Post Affiliate Pro

The service was created to track affiliate programs and CPA networks.

There is an intuitive control panel that makes it easy to analyze data and manage affiliate marketing. There is a free trial.


  • automated verification of the fulfillment of conditions;
  • the possibility of organizing and holding competitions;
  • website integration;
  • referral link generator;
  • generation of reports on the results.


Marketing software that online schools and infobusinesses enjoy using.


  • the ability to create landing pages within the software package;
  • creation of a personal account for each user, in which training materials are placed;
  • built-in e-mail service;
  • automation of interaction with users through setting up processes;
  • automation of payments and the ability to connect installment plans from some banks, in particular, from Tinkoff Bank.

Viral Loops

Perhaps, this service can best solve the tasks of performance marketing, if we are not talking about accurately tracking the effectiveness of multiple advertising channels, but about increasing customer engagement in the company’s business.


  • this marketing software allows you to run referral programs;
  • create viral lotteries and contests and integrate them into any website or mobile application through a code snippet, plugin or API;
  • a full-fledged marketing campaign can be launched in a few clicks;
  • thanks to virality, you can reduce the cost of attracting users to affiliate marketing.


Marketing software from the spy tools category.

Advertising information is collected by intelligent robots from 40+ data centers. Over 15,000 advertisers and publishers are analyzed.


  • simple data visualization;
  • you can see what and how your direct competitors are doing: creatives, landing pages, advertising texts;
  • you can also track competitors’ traffic sources, which will help you save your own money.


Translation service. According to the developers, the service has more opportunities than the standard Google translator.

The service will be especially useful for those who speak the language into which the text is translated, at least at the initial level.


  • correct translation of individual phrases;
  • grammar and spelling check;
  • everything is free and without registration.

There are 14 languages ​​available in Reverso. Including: Arabic, Japanese, Turkish, Hebrew.


A well-publicized tool for creating landing pages and landing pages.

This marketing software is positioned as free, but there is one caveat: you still have to pay, but for the hosting that will host the landing.

Plans start at $8.50 per month.


  • in a few seconds you can choose from ready-made design and content options;
  • artificial intelligence, which is built into the designer, can answer a few simple questions about the purpose of the landing page. He himself will assemble it from blocks with suitable text and images. Only light editing is required.


One of the most popular trackers among affiliate marketers due to its good balance between functionality and price.


  • work without redirects;
  • custom flexible settings;
  • unlimited integration possibilities;
  • protection against bots and unwanted clicks on your links;
  • full featured API.

Instead of conclusion

A legitimate question is: what is the best marketing software?

Our answer: the one that solves the problems of your business to the maximum.


What is the best marketing software?

Depends on what kind of marketing you are doing. Affiliate marketing will need one software, infobusiness will need another. And the best will be the one that solves your problems to the maximum.

What is a marketing software platform?

A software package that allows you to automate marketing.

What is the best marketing automation software?

Depends on the tasks to be solved and the direction of marketing.

What are the main marketing tools?

Tools for tracking conversions, collecting statistics and data analysis, services for creating landing pages and affiliate links, and fraud protection services.

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