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At the end and beginning of each year, people make predictions, trying to find the answer to the question: what’s next? We at Alanbase Blog have also decided to take advantage of this trend and share our own view of what trends in the field of automated advertising and in the advertising industry will appear in 2022.

Get ready, there will be a lot of text below, but we tried to make it as useful as possible for your affiliate marketing so that this year it will reach a new level.

What was, what will be, how will the heart calm down?

Rumor has it that 2022 could be the end of the pandemic we’ve been living with since 2020.

Will life return to its former normal course, or will most companies and businesses remain online, even though they went there by force, and not of their own free will?

Wangui: the life we ​​got used to before 2020 is unlikely to return to us in full. It will not be possible to roll back 100%, even if we assume that humanity will not face epidemics, lockdowns, and other black swans in the next hundred years at least.

The digital world has turned out to be too attractive, especially since so much money has been invested in this area in the past few years that no one wants to lose it, instead of increasing it.

We are simply doomed to life in a new brave digital world with all its growing pains, disadvantages and advantages.

Everyone who is engaged in affiliate marketing, participates in one form or another in affiliate programs, be it in USA, EU, the CIS and even around the world, needs to look not for escape from the new reality, but for answers to the question: how can you use this reality for yourself for the benefit of?

What trends can we expect in 2022 in the field of ad automation, and how they will help make affiliate marketing more profitable and successful?

Trends and Trends 2022 in Automated Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the ability to launch effective advertising and get cheap, but high-quality traffic. Sometimes you want to make this process less routine, and therefore one of the trends in 2022 will be further automation of advertising placement in any sources. The one who rushes faster will be ahead of the competition.

Two examples of ad automation for affiliate marketing

Direct and PR

No matter how badly Direct and PR are, Google index are watching to make life easier for the user (or taking away user money, as you prefer).

Previously, if you wanted to save a budget in the same YAN by advertising an affiliate program, you had to choose exclusively manual placement, and then monitor and adjust the price for each keyword daily. Tiresome, dreary, but the budget savings were not childishly effective.

Now it is possible to set a weekly budget and set an acceptable cost per click. This option works well, the budget remains within the planned, as well as the cost per click. The question of the effectiveness of the context as such and correct targeting in the context is another story.

In any case, if you are advertising an offer from an affiliate program, you are unlikely to be limited only by the context, because it makes sense to test several advertising sources at once to increase the effectiveness of affiliate marketing. Perhaps in 2022, other advertising sources will have their own options for automating routine processes.

Alanbase online service and our smart goals

Firstly, this is one of the main features that we are proud of as part of our online platform.

Secondly, competitors cannot roll out anything like this yet, which means we are ahead.

Thirdly, if you work according to our smart goals, you save a lot of time on routine, plus you get a huge amount of data for high-quality analytics of your traffic.

Try this Alanbase feature, sincerely recommend!

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Smart Chatbots – 2022 Trends

Today, only the lazy do not talk about artificial intelligence, as well as about machine learning, and about the death of hundreds of familiar professions, ranging from unfortunate taxi drivers to copywriters. Add to this list waiters, accountants, secretaries, whose functions can easily be taken over by robots.

Whether homegrown futurologists are right, we will see very soon, but the fact that a large number of new professions have recently appeared, and the demand for them has grown, is a fact.

The same fact is the introduction of artificial intelligence, the creation of more and more advanced and self-learning chat bots that have learned to analyze algorithms for successful conversations with users.

Based on the results of this analysis, chatbots become smarter in order to lead other users to targeted actions – read conversions if we are talking about a product affiliate program or replenishing a deposit when we talk about online trading.

The introduction of artificial intelligence capable of self-learning in the advertising field is a future that has already arrived, but which has not yet been noticed by everyone.

Although AI is now experiencing childhood growing pains, it will grow up, change, mature and become smarter, becoming a reliable assistant for living human marketers.

Omnichannel marketing and more smart targeted advertising

Another trend in 2022 in the field of advertising automation is more advertising wherever the user can “get it”: advertising in wearable devices, digital advertising outside the home, advertising in games, voice advertising in the same smartphones when launching various applications and channels, increasing algorithmic advertising with the introduction of 5G format and so on.

It remains to be hoped that the “advertising bombardment” of the consumer will still be more targeted. Artificial intelligence will help to target ads correctly after it emerges from its infancy and learns to build its own algorithms based on the analysis of large amounts of data.

However, there is one problem here related to privacy and the increasing desire of users to share their personal data to a minimum.

Privacy, personal data protection or why everyone loves Telegram

Telegram, as some say, still looks like a pirate station. There is a place for everyone here: both experienced PR specialists, and noobs who started exploring the online space from Telega, and representatives of the darknet who are fans of social engineering.

Why do a huge number of users choose Telegram?

Yes, because Mr. Durov really, and not declaratively, cares about the privacy of users. In the messenger, if you wish, you can remain absolutely anonymous, or create your own alter ego, which has nothing to do with a real character.

Conducting affiliate marketing in Telegram is also quite a feasible task. If you want, buy advertising in other channels and arbitrage slowly, if you want, make your own resource and roll out offers on it. Nothing will happen to your privacy in either case. At least inside the messenger.

The increasing desire of users to get rid of constant digital surveillance, maintain privacy and stop giving away their personal data right and left is another trend both in the advertising field and in general in online 2022.

And what about analysts and marketers who are used to analyzing user behavior, having access to their demographics and generally any data that can be obtained, down to phone numbers, when possible?

Rethink your understanding of online privacy. Accept that everyone has the right to anonymity and accept that somehow you have to live without data optimization after cookies.

In light of what has just been said, perhaps another trend in the advertising industry in 2022 is the emergence of online tools that can target the most relevant advertising to potential customers, whose portrait is compiled with a minimum amount of initial data.

Whether this will be implemented in 2022, we do not know. We are only sure that it will be.

Websites, blogs, SEO and content as tools for generating leads and conversions in affiliate marketing

If you have a website or blog, that’s good. If you have only bought advertising on the side, promoting this or that affiliate program, it’s time to think about creating your own resources.

Quality websites and blogs are another trend to automate ads in 2022.

You perfectly understand how it works. A native article is published on your blog, inside of which there is a link to the offer of one or another affiliate program. The blog is available to the user 24/7, and if you have the opportunity to provide your blog with good traffic, then there will definitely be conversions and sales. In fact, in passive mode. Why not automation?

At the same time, the site or blog owner has much more opportunities to track the sources and quality of traffic, analyze user behavior within the site, transitions, bounce rates, and so on.

If you want your blog or website to work and constantly generate traffic, you will have to take care of SEO.

At first glance, SEO, selection of semantics, building a competent site structure are not directly related to advertising automation, but very much so with traffic.

One of the SEO trends in 2022 will be content that is optimized not for classic keywords, but based on the topics for which the content is generated. Promotion will become relevant not by clusters (keywords), but by superclusters (subjects of the resource itself).

Another trend is content marketing and its automation using artificial intelligence while generating content that benefits visitors.

They say that for some companies neural networks already generate most of the content, but whether they can completely replace technical writers, copywriters, creators is a big question. Especially in terms of creating creatives for advertising, where it is a person who is able to generate new ideas using already known initial data. AI is unlikely to ever be able to learn creativity in its classical sense.

If this ever happens, consider it one step away from the uprising of the machines or the appearance of an analogue of Skynet in the general virtual space.

Brief summary

In 2022, we will continue to live in a state of uncertainty, and both new players and new users will come online.

Anyone who wants to be ahead of the competition should work on automating their online platform so that users perform as few routine operations as possible, and can focus on the main thing – making a profit from their Internet projects.

We will not get away from advertising and we will not hide, it will catch up with us everywhere, and not just in stationary devices like a PC or TV.

Artificial intelligence will grow and become “smarter” as much as possible with the current development of neural networks.

It will be more and more difficult to collect user data, because they will be less and less willing to share it, and it will be necessary to determine their hobbies and interests by indirect signs.

In 2022, the owners of various resources will have to work on SEO much more carefully if they want to provide themselves with quality traffic.

Content is still king. Even if it will be generated by neural networks, you still cannot do without the creativity of living people when creating advertising.

People will use various automation options just as ancillary tools.

What’s New in Marketing Automation 2022?

The trend is to reduce the role of manual management and automate, for example, bid management in contextual advertising services. In some services, artificial intelligence has also appeared, which “writes” advertisements for user-specified keywords. Plus, new platforms and new online services are constantly emerging that rely on the introduction of new technologies.

Why is the demand for marketing automation growing?

Because people want to free up time and not waste it on solving routine tasks.

How do companies use market automation?

They introduce new technologies, changing the usual business processes for this, making them more efficient.

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