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In this article, you will find practical tips on how to start learning CPA marketing, where to start, where to look for information and how to understand if your knowledge in this area is enough.

CPA marketing – essence and basic concepts

What is CPA Marketing?

To do this, you need to decipher the abbreviation CPA – Cost Per Action – payment for action.

Imagine a situation. You have a link, by clicking on which any Internet user will see something very, very necessary for him.

For example, a car enthusiast is a new anti-radar that notices all the cameras and traffic police that are hidden in the bushes, a fashionista is a trendy thing that none of her friends have yet, an unemployed person is an option to get a new specialty, and even with guaranteed employment.

All these people need to take certain actions: buy a radar detector or a fashion item, enroll in courses in their chosen specialty, and so on.

You are rewarded for every action of your users. Sometimes this is the exact amount that is due to you from each purchase, sometimes % of the order amount.

Everything you just read is CPA marketing.

If you attract users to your link by advertising it on your blog, account or group on social networks, or through teaser or contextual advertising systems, then in terms of CPA marketing you will be called a “webmaster” or “partner”. Therefore, CPA marketing is often referred to as “affiliate marketing,” since it is affiliates who make sales in CPA marketing and generate profits for other business participants.

Where to learn CPA marketing and where to start?

If CPA marketing interests you, you will definitely find a way to learn how it works. Find out what skills you need to acquire or develop in order to succeed in this area.

There are several options to master CPA marketing from the ground up.

A lot of information on the topic is in the public domain. You don’t even have to pay for training, if you wish. You can find a huge number of video lectures on Youtube, you can register with one or more partner networks and start by exploring their knowledge base. It’s also free and available.

The second option is to choose a paid course. Fortunately, there are expert practitioners who teach not only the basics of CPA marketing, but can also bring you to the result – for example, to the first money that you earn by promoting affiliate products using the CPA model.

The third option is a combination of option #1 or option #2 while registering on the online platform hosting the affiliate program you are about to participate in.

The study of a bare theory without fixing it with practical actions almost always gives a more modest result than the ability to immediately apply the information received in practice.

Starting to study CPA marketing, you may hear the opinion that everything is very, very simple.

On the one hand, this is true. Here is a simple algorithm for the actions of a novice partner:

  • choose an online service – an aggregator of affiliate programs and register in it
  • see which affiliate program is the most profitable in terms of payment for traffic attracted by the webmaster
  • how much does an affiliate pay for CPA
  • choose the right offer for you
  • get your links to it
  • run traffic
  • get paid for your leads

Just? In theory, very. Only the devil, as you know, lies in the details, and therefore you will have to learn.

At the same time, CPA marketing is a very interesting area in which it is impossible to gain knowledge once and for all.

You can learn the general principles, but then you need to keep your finger on the pulse, follow trends, new traffic sources, master them as needed. So the learning process will be constant if you want to grow and improve.

What to study first in the field of affiliate marketing?

Start with the basics. Fully study the terminology: find out what “lead” and “conversion” are, what “shave” and “fraud” are, how utm tags differ from subID, what are the payment models besides CPA, how CPA networks work, and so on .

The better you understand all these terms, the faster you will get comfortable in the field of affiliate marketing.

Further more. You will begin to understand how affiliate networks differ from each other. For example, Alanbase from Affise or Offerum.

At this stage, you can already choose an affiliate network, search for affiliate programs and offers according to your preferences.

And then – start practicing, without stopping studying everything related to affiliate marketing.

What results can be expected?

Affiliate marketing is not a coveted “loot” button, and therefore, according to statistics collected in USA, Europe, the EU, about 35% of people who were once green beginners achieve success in this area.

How are they different from the rest of the 65% who have dropped out?

The fact that they did not stop at the first difficulties, were not afraid to take risks, sometimes even lost money on unsuccessful advertising campaigns. At the same time, they did not stop studying information on the topic, continued to test hypotheses and look for profitable links, and one day they learned, as they say in CPA marketing terms, “to drive traffic into plus”. Learned from experience how it all works.

If we measure success in terms of money, then a good webmaster earns $25-26K a year, while top specialists earn a lot more.

You can do that too. Only this will not happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow by magic.

In this type of online business, consistency and the willingness to perform simple but daily actions are very important. The main thing is that you do not get bored at the moment when all this turns into a routine for you. True, such a story can happen already at a different level, and not at the beginning of the path.


How Can I Learn CPA Marketing?

There are two options: you can find a lot of information about CPA marketing for free. Pros and cons of this option: there is a lot of information, but it is not always clearly structured. You don’t have to pay tuition.
The second way: sign up for paid CPA marketing courses. It is best to choose an expert or an online school that can lead you to a guaranteed result, that is, teach you how to earn money. Pros and cons of this option: You will have to pay for training. You will receive only up-to-date information that can be put into practice here and start earning on CPA marketing.

Is there a CPA for marketing?

The question is not well-posed. It is important to understand what you meant: payment by the CPA system in marketing campaigns of various kinds of goods or services, or affiliate networks that are specifically created for CPA marketing. In any case, the answer is yes.

How much does it cost to start CPA marketing?

If you come to the CPA network as a partner, in some cases you can even start with one thousand rubles. CPA marketing is a type of online business with a very low entry threshold.

When should CPA be used in marketing?

When you sell a product or service that is in high demand and at a market price. For the B2B segment, which assumes a very long purchase cycle with repeated negotiations between the parties, the CPA model almost does not work.

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